he villa, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, and orchards, offers stunning views of the verdant hills and the beautiful villages of Livathos, along with the captivating Ionian Sea and the enchanting islet of Zeus.

From the big spacious balcony on the upper floor, the visitor has a panoramic view of the entire area of Livathos. In front of him stretches the natural landscape overgrown with olive groves as well as the picturesque villages of the area and the Ionian Sea.

The stylish outdoor furniture, the ornate iron armchairs and the square table, allow you to spend time, relax and enjoy from above the view of the garden, the pool, the green hills of Livathos and the captivating blue of the Ionian Sea.

It’s the perfect setting to enjoy your coffee or tea in the morning or in the afternoon as well as a glass of wine as the sun sets and the sky is colored with an enchanting palette of colors from pale yellow to deep red.

At the ground floor the living, dining and kitchen areas are unified with large openings to the garden and pool giving a sense of continuity between the interior and exterior of the house, while adding the advantage of the unique view.


n the garden, the spacious swimming pool and the lawn area with a view of the fully green hills and landscape of Livathos as well as the sea , are the point where the visitor can enjoy at any time of the day, the sun or the cool shade under the trees and the pergola, next to the water, with a view of the endless blue of the Ionian Sea, while at the night, one can enjoy the starry shining sky.

At noon you can enjoy your lunch in the cool shade of the covered veranda with the whole family or friends sitting comfortably in the large outdoor dining room, ideal for seven people. On the large three-seater sofa and comfortable armchairs, you can seek peace and tranquility at any time of the day, relaxing next to the pool, gazing at the horizon with the green valleys and the blue sea.

In the garden next to the pool there are two large double sofa sun beds, Italian made, very fashionable, giving a sense of opulence, which can be joined to become a double bed with canopy under the sun.

On these reclining sofas with their canopy one can completely relax, enjoying either the hot sun or the shade. After the light of day falls, it’s the perfect place one can sit enjoying his wine or drink next to the water, achieving absolute relaxation for all night long.

Τraditional comfortable ergonomic sunbeds are also located in the pool area, enough for all guests.

The unique aesthetic garden and swimming pool furniture give the moments the affordable luxury and comfort that each one of us is looking for on his vacation.